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Ads and Drag Queens

Hello, and welcome to update #2!

As you may have noticed, I've finally got ads up and going! If you haven't noticed, consider taking down your ad block. Again, I promise that nothing will pop up and make annoying demands out of you - especially right as you're getting to the juicy part of of the story. Through having ads, I'll hopefully get a little revenue to keep the site up, and you don't even have to buy anything! This means that I'll be able to have more free products in the future!

P.S. I have no control over what our Google Overrulers decide should be advertised, and they are not the expressed opinion of Aba2abA...yadda yadda.

Now, on to the good stuff. The funniest ABA moment of August goes to: the future drag queen.

So, working in school systems, we see a LOT of stuff. Not only out of the kids we serve, but also the staff, the administrators, and the peers. And oh man, the things those peers can get away with!! *Grits teeth and forces myself not to intervene because "that ain't none of my business, no sir!" Well, today the peer wins the award. To get the full extent of the moment, you need to understand two things. 1) Kids today love dancing... especially the dances that the characters from the game Fortnite do. See below. 2) Drag queens also love to dance. And there is one move that drag queens love to do in particular. It's call the Death Drop. See blow again.

Now picture a skinny kid surrounded by a group of other little boys. All the boys are dancing, throwing out their favorite Fortnite moves. And the one in the center, not to be out done by his friends, does a full out death drop! He hits the gym floor so hard his head bounces off the wood, but he holds his cool and plays out the rag doll for a few seconds before popping back up and continuing his dance. All his buddies cheer him on and the little dude gives a sassy pop of his hip and saunters off as if he just won the dance competition. My friends, welcome to the drag queens of the future.

Watch as I swing my arms around in some crazy way that comes together in a rhythm my parents can't understand!


I would be lying if I said that I wasn't jealous of the rhythm the kids have these days. When I was in school, dancing wasn't cool and everyone was too embarrassed to bust out of move. Now, the sassy kid rules the halls with his sick moves and ability to walk off a concussion from the death drop.

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