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Oh my, what an overhaul.

Well, it's been quite a time since the last blog post, and even longer since a new product has been added. Between then and now I've had quite a lot of changes in my own life. Calling me a busy bee is an understatement. Despite my absence, aba2aba has continuously had customers - so I know the project is worth continuing.

With everything going on, it was easy to go on with life while forgetting completely that this project even exists. (Well, except once a year when the Wix financial department tells me

to pay up!)

With the support and encouragement from friends and family, I'm back on track. My first step was creating a new logo and giving the website an overhaul (why in the world did I ever think that a marbled background was a classy design??!! And who told me that awful 3D text logo was attractive??!! I have an art minor for goodness sake!) I'm not totally sold on the blue and orange yet, but according to some short research on website design, they say I should incorporate logo colors into the site - just be glad I didn't put that bright orange as the background for the entire thing!!

I realized that following through with this project is a massive task that will require a lot of time, dedication, and attention. It is something that I can not do alone. I'm working with my wife and behaviorist friends to make this a manageable project so that we can continue to provide new materials, update old materials, and generally continue to help the community.

Here's to a new start, and to wittier blog posts.



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