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Button, button, who has the button?

Quick post to test the functionality of the forms. Chris added a donation page, but when visitors have clicked the donate button they aren't being brought to checkout option.

This has also brought into question if the blog subscribe button is working. We assumed that people were filling out the form, pressing the "subscribe" button, getting a notification and everything was hunky-dory.

We also have no idea if subscribers are even able to leave comment. No one has commented so far (fair, we're a small group with only a few subscribers and not very discussion-inducing content at the moment). But we don't know if someone has tried and was unsuccessful.

We're going to have Megan let us know if she got a notification, and have her try to leave a comment. Go Megan, go! Everyone else cross your fingers (or add your own comment to let us know you're here!)

Update #1 - well, with some more research, it seems that our website would need to upgrade a feature in order to make the donation payment work... and that costs money. So, until aba2aba is getting enough income to support the upkeep of the site itself, we'll just have to go with the "buy the donation item for this pre-determined cost" option. It's less "professional," more work, and less automated... but eh - gotta do what you gotta do.

I guess the next question would be how may donation "product" options should there be? Chris added a $5 option... should we add a $1 option? a $10 option? a $100 option?! We really need someone with a business degree on this team... and maybe someone with a background in website creation.


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