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We're embarking on a... what now? a blog?

Hello visitor! If I'm lucky, you're a repeat customer. If so, welcome back! If not, welcome... you came just in time to see me attempt to create some entertaining, but honest, material.

I'm creating this blog post to give everyone an update about the website, tell you about the goals in my own life right now, and leave you with a funny story about working in the field of ABA. I'll keep it all short, as sweet as that stock image of this pie that came pre-loaded onto this page, and to the point. I'm brand new to blogging, so feel free to tear me apart in the comments about what you want to see, what I did wrong, and how I can improve.

So, update: "Chris, why haven't you been uploading more products onto the website?! We want more of the AFLS tracking sheets!!" - yes, I've read your emails, and hopefully responded to you all! I apologize for my lack of progress! My own personal life became very busy, and I wasn't able to keep up as much as I would have liked. Now that the school year is about to begin, and my life is settling back down, I plan on getting those products out to you! I'm going to dedicate to working a MINIMUM of 2 hours every week on getting those dang tracking sheets made. (Anyone wanna volunteer to help? No? Yeah, ok... I don't blame you.)

Now, my own life: My life got so busy! The one year anniversary of my website flew by and I didn't even notice (well, I noticed when the big chunk of change got taken out of my bank account to pay for the domain name! Ha!). In November, I got married to a wonderful woman who teaches pre-school. In February, we bought our first house and decided to tackle a remodel. In March, we went on our honeymoon. It is now August, and the majority of my remodel is finished and my life is getting back into a normal rhythm!

My goals for this site:

1. Eventually, every product will be free! At first, I wasn't even able to make free products... the site just wouldn't allow it. But I've found the loophole! Products that are on sale, can be free! ... I'm also going to develop some coupons and see how those go.... so, I'll have to let you know. Also, I want to include a LOT more products!! I want to introduce things for the AIM curriculum, for starters!

2. Ad space on the side of my site that will produce at least part of the income to cover the yearly cost of the domain name (it ain't cheap, y'all) - I PROMISE that I will NEVER have pop up ads. EVER. We all hate them. If you ever see a pop on up my site, please let me know so that I can shut that crud down!

3. I will have a page of resources for a variety of things. Local aba in my area, cool websites I've used with clients, other neat things I recommend.

4. I will (occasionally) blog the "everyday life of an aba therapist" - the funny, the disgusting, the frustrating, and the tear-jerking moments of being on the front lines of aba. If enough people enjoy it, I'll do it more regularly!

5. I will post a picture of my chickens and cows - once I get them. (y'all, my wife and I bought a farm, we gots to get some animals up in here!)

Finally, my in the field moment of the summer:

I was on the phone with the mother of a client. She'd just gotten back in town, the client and the father stayed at home. "Chris," she said, "you won't believe what [client] did while I was out of town!"

Well, it turns out that no one was taking mand data on my client while mom was out of town. Client noticed and took it into their own hands. Client took their data sheets, and recorded EVERY SINGLE QUESTION all on their own - in full sentences. Then, signed the correct times and dates. AND put mom's initials! Mom was out of town for about two weeks - so I have "pages and pages" of data on this client asking about Froot Loops for breakfast, and camp, and sweet potato fries!

Anyone else have a funny story about a client self-recording data? Leave a comment! *Hey, remember to remove or change any names you use! ;)

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