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Update number two of aba2aba's overhaul. I've made some fancy cover pages for the products. All of the product's cover pictures were not visually appealing and difficult to see. Don't freak out, all of the products will still have the product pictures as usual! These are just here to give some flair and to make their titles BIG and VISABLE.

If you are a return visitor. You may have noticed that 99.99% of our previously meager product inventory has disappeared. I have too many reasons to go into that right now, but just know that products are being updated, and new products are on the way.

Finally - A funny moment of the day/week/month (or however often this blog thing gets updated..) I was supervising an RBT recently and it was time for the client to have a little moment of social reinforcement for the good DTT time.

Tech: "Do you want tickles?"

Kid: *smirking* "No"

Tech: "Do you want "earth quake"?"

Kid: *laughing* "No"

Tech: "Do you want "jelly fish"?"

Kid: *sudden serious face* totally verbal client holds up "N" is sign language and says "N is for No"

Okay kiddo, point taken.


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