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Our Thanksgivings and BLS Update

Hello all! Upload of the Basic Living Skills sections slowed a little bit with the interruption of Thanksgiving. Our team all had some exciting, much needed, vacation time.

My (Chris) and my wife had an amazing time at Universal Studios in Orlando, and then spent a few days at Daytona Beach. I made a sand dragon (because sand castles are overrated). Amazingly, it didn't get flattened by the beach sand-smoother trucks. Every day we went down to the beach someone had added something new to her. She got fancy shells on her eyes, including eye lids! Someone gave her sunglasses. And others added more sticks to her spine.

Mickey, one of the newer team members, traveled to see family in Chicago. She got to meet her family's new excessively-hyper, absolutely adorably new puppy. The weather was very cold, particularly in contrast to our Alabama home base!

Many of our clients traveled as well, going to beaches, aquariums, out-of-town family gatherings, and so on. As ABA practitioners, you all understand our excited/nervous return to work. Never knowing what behaviors have been reinforced over the break, how much stress vs. how much fun they had, etc. The "oh God, what behaviors are we going to see when they return?" anxiety.

Now that stimulus control has been been regained, I'm re-focusing on getting the Basic Living Skills sections going again. The Toileting section is almost done, and I'm hoping to get the rest of the book done and the bundle posted before our next holiday break. Wish me luck and free time!



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