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Well, after many tutorials, menu searching, and button clicking - we might have fixed the subscriber issue. Let's find out! Did you get an email?!

Here's our current to-do list for next few weeks (Hopefully getting as many things done before Turkey Day as possible!)

  1. Finish touching up the site's design

  2. Try to fix the search bar - We have no idea why that isn't working... but we have no idea about most website related issues. It's a process.

  3. Add products

  4. Show off some of the small crochet octopuses our team member Mickey has been working on.

And that's pretty much it. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy. Right? Right?!

Update: Task 5: Figure out why SOME blog posts are automatically getting pictures set... and why this one is not...

Update 2: Task 6: Actually work on the mobile version of the site.... Chris has been avoiding that.



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